Welcome to Therapeia!

My name is Leslie Chapman and I am the founder and director of Therapeia, which offers support to providers and managers of residential and home care services in the adult social care field. I have a particular interest in helping services develop a culture of good governance based on robust quality assurance (QA).  This in turn provides the cornerstone of the CQC’s ‘Well-led’ domain of the services that it regulates.

My experience as a consultant, a senior manager, and as a CQC inspector has proved to me that a service that is Well-led, and especially one rooted in a culture of good governance, is far more likely to be rated as ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ overall by the CQC. Furthermore, good governance is the basis for Regulation 17 of the Health and Social Care Act which underpins the ‘Well-led’ domain.

I offer two specific services in relation to quality assurance and good governance:

  • Access to Therapeia’s online KLOE Audit Toolkit which contains all the necessary resources for providers and managers to conduct their own, continuous service monitoring.  The Toolkit is designed to facilitate the collection, analysis and reporting of evidence for all of the service’s key lines of enquiry (KLOEs) using the CQC’s own methodology. It can also be used to help prepare for CQC inspections.

The KLOE Audit Toolkit

  • Quality Assurance and Governance reviews aimed at helping ensure that providers and managers have the right systems and processes in place to continuously monitor all aspects of their services.
QA and Governance Reviews

In addition, I can offer a range of other services related to the wider ‘Well-led’ domain of service provision.  Please email me with your specific requirements in the first instance.

There are also a number of freely accessible resources on this site which include: