Welcome to Therapeia!

My name is Leslie Chapman and I am the founder and director of Therapeia, which is a consultancy offering support to providers and managers of residential and home care services in the adult social care field.  I have a particular interest in leadership and governance, and how these impact on team work and organisational culture.

Having had experience of working as a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspector in recent times, as well as many years of working in the health and social care field, I am well aware of some of the real challenges that face providers and managers in developing and maintaining a high quality service.  I am also aware that CQC inspections can be quite challenging for many providers and managers, especially when it comes to providing evidence to the inspection teams that their services are effectively managed and have robust systems of governance in place. In other words, and to use the CQC’s own parlance, to demonstrate that their services are ‘well-led’.

It is with this experience in mind that I have developed a programme  to help promote better leadership and governance within a service.  The main aim of this programme is to help providers and managers take more control over the whole of the ‘Well-led’ aspect of their services, rather than having to wait for the next CQC visit.