Getting Well-led right!

My name is Leslie Chapman and I am the founder and director of Therapeia, which is a consultancy offering support to providers and managers of residential and home care services in the adult social care field.  I have a particular interest in the leadership, governance and culture of services.  These are all aspects of what the Care Quality Commission (CQC) calls the ‘Well-led’ domain of the services that it regulates.

Having had experience of working as a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspector in recent times, as well as many years of working in the health and social care field as both senior manager and consultant, I am well aware of some of the real challenges that face providers and managers in developing and maintaining a high quality service.  I am also aware that CQC inspections can be quite difficult for many providers and managers, especially when it comes to providing evidence to the inspection teams that their services are effectively managed, have robust systems of governance in place and are promoting high-quality, person-centred care.

It is with this experience in mind that I have developed a range of services to help providers and managers promote and deliver outstanding leadership, governance, and cultures within their organisations.  This is with a view to not only helping providers and managers ensure they receive the best possible CQC ratings, but also to help them take more control over the whole of the ‘Well-led’ aspect of their service provision.

Therapeia can help you ensure that your service is Well-led by:

  1. Conducting a review of the leadership, governance and culture of your service.  This is based around using the CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) for the Well-led domain.  There is a particular focus on how you monitor quality across all aspect of the service, which the CQC sees as a key part of service governance.  There is also a focus other key aspects of Well-led, including strategy, stakeholder involvement, organisational learning and partnership working.
  2. Providing access to Therapeia’s online KLOE Audit Tool.  This tool allows you to conduct your own, continuous service monitoring, and is based on collecting evidence for all of the service’s KLOEs using the CQC’s own methodology.
  3. Providing training in the basic concepts of quality assurance and how this relates to using the KLOEs to conduct your own service monitoring.
  4. Conducting an online assessment and evaluation of your own KLOE evidence.  This is in order to help you ascertain whether such information is helpful for your own management needs, and to satisfy the CQC that you are taking the Well-led aspect of your service seriously.
Remember: getting Well-led right will not only help you ensure that your service is safe and fit for purpose, but will also help you stay one step ahead of the CQC when it comes to their inspections!