Online assessment and evaluation of KLOE evidence

In addition to providing service reviews and assessments, and the online KLOE Audit Tool, Therapeia can also provide an online assessment and evaluation of the evidence that providers and managers have collected, either with the KLOE Audit Tool or using their own system. Sometimes it is not easy to be able to interpret the value or relevance of such information, or what it means in terms of a potential rating for the service. Furthermore, it is often useful to have a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ look at the evidence and to see what it says about the service.

Please note: if you have already collected the evidence using your own system, you will need to upload it to Therapeia’s website in an Excel spreadsheet.  Please ensure that each piece of evidence matches the appropriate KLOE, otherwise, there will be an additional charge to restructure the data to fit this format.  Please email for further details.