Essential KLOE Evidence

This table displays examples of three different types of evidence that would be considered ‘must-have’  or essential for each key line of enquiry (KLOE).[1]  Use this table as a guide to help you gather your own KLOE evidence using the audit tool or template of your choice.

Please note: Use the ‘Search’ box to select particular domains or KLOEs.[2]  Use the ‘Show entries’ drop-down to display fewer or more entries on a single page.[3]

[table id=4 /]

  1. Three types of evidence from different sources is the recommended minimum by the CQC. If you want to see more possible types of evidence please click here. []
  2. For example, type Safe to see all the Safe KLOEs, or S1 just to see the S1 KLOE. []
  3. There are a total of 24 entries for the whole table. []