KLOE Audit Toolkit

This simple-to-use yet powerful and comprehensive online resource enables you to gather, analyse and report on evidence for all the KLOEs on a continuous basis. This will help ensure that you have the solid foundations on which to build an ‘Outstanding’ service and to maintain total management oversight.

More about the Toolkit

Accessing the Toolkit

The Toolkit is an online resource which requires payment of a one-off registration fee of £99.99 to access it using a valid debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express). If you prefer to pay by direct bank transfer please email for further details. Please note: once you have registered you will incur no additional charges such as monthly or annual subscription fees.

To register please click on the ‘Register Now’ button below.


Once you have purchased your access to the KLOE Audit Toolkit you will be able to start using all its resources by clicking on the relevant button on the Toolkit Dashboard page.  If you are already logged in you will be able to start using the resources straight away, otherwise you will be asked to enter your login details.

Please note: if you are not already a registered user you will need to enter some basic registration details (name, email and password) before you can proceed to the payment stage. Payments can be made with a valid credit/debit card through the Stripe payment gateway, which is a very tried, tested and secure online payment system.