Introducing the KLOE Audit Tool

Therapeia’s online KLOE Audit Tool aims to encourage service managers to monitor quality across the whole of their services on a continuous basis, using the CQC’s own methodology. It offers a very cost effective alternative to paying for a third party to come and conduct a ‘mock inspection’ of the service.  Furthermore, by encouraging managers to conduct their own monitoring of their services on a continuous basis, it is hoped that they will become more proactive with regards to the governance aspect of their leadership and management roles, rather than simply waiting for the CQC’s next inspection.

Please take a look at this demo table which shows you the format of the Tool, and at this demo video which shows the Tool in action.  Please also have a look at the user guide for the Tool.  You can register for the Tool here.

You can use the tool to collect evidence of quality across different aspects (‘domains’ in CQC jargon) of the service using the CQC’s key lines of enquiry (KLOEs). This allows you to build up a picture (or ‘map’) of quality based on up-to-date information. One of the great advantages of the tool is that you can add and update evidence with a few clicks of the mouse and keyboard. It also means you can essentially conduct an ‘inspection’ or self-assessment of your service on an ongoing basis, and be continually gathering and updating evidence.

By spending only 30 minutes a day using the KLOE Audit Tool, it is possible to build up a complete picture of quality, based on the 25 KLOEs, in less than a month. This is based on the good practice of collecting a minimum of three pieces of evidence per KLOE.

The underlying philosophy behind the KLOE Audit Tool is quite simple: quality and quality assurance should be at the heart of any service, not just an afterthought or add-on. And remember: CQC inspections are just QA conducted by an external agency, nothing more and nothing less.

Please click here to register an account so you can use the KLOE Audit Tool. Once you have done so please click here to begin entering your own data.

Please note: you will need to pay a one-off registration fee £249.99 to access and use the KLOE Audit Tool. This price includes any updates to the Tool, as long as these do not reflect any major changes to the CQC’s inspection methodology.  Please also note: payments are made through the Stripe payment gateway, which is a very tried, tested and secure online payment system.  Alternatively, you can pay by direct bank transfer (BACS).