‘Caring’ characteristics

Below is a summary description of how the CQC would characterise an ‘outstanding’ service from the point of view of being caring.

For a detailed description of the characteristics of an ‘outstanding’ service please click here

  • People are truly respected and valued as individuals and are empowered as partners in their care by an exceptional and distinctive service.
  • There is a strong, visible person-centred culture. The service ensures that staff in all roles are highly motivated and offer care and support that is exceptionally compassionate and kind. They care for individuals and each other in a way that exceeds expectations. Staff demonstrate a real empathy for the people they care for.
  • The service is exceptional at helping people to express their views so that staff and managers at all levels understand their views, preferences, wishes and choices. Staff use a variety of tools to communicate with people according to their needs, which may include using new technologies. Staff find innovative and creative ways to communicate with each person using the service.
  • Respect for privacy and dignity is at the heart of the service’s culture and values. It is embedded in everything that the service and its staff do. People and staff feel respected, listened to, and influential.