‘Effective’ characteristics

Below is a summary description of how the CQC would characterise an ‘outstanding’ service from the point of view of effectiveness.

For a detailed description of the characteristics of an ‘outstanding’ service please click here

  • There is a truly holistic approach to assessing, planning and delivering care and support. The service works in partnership with other organisations and keeps up to date with new research and development to make sure staff are trained to follow best practice.
  • Staff training is developed and delivered around individual needs. People, their families and other carers are involved in planning and delivering this training.
  • There is a strong emphasis on the importance of eating and drinking well. Innovative methods and positive staff relationships are used to encourage those who are reluctant or have difficulty in eating and drinking.  The service embraces different cultural, religious and ethical issues around people’s choice of food to make sure their wishes are respected.
  • Staff, teams and services are committed to working collaboratively and have found innovative and efficient ways to deliver more joined-up care and support to people. There are champions within the service who actively support staff to make sure people experience good healthcare outcomes leading to an outstanding quality of life.
  • The service uses innovative methods to engage people in discussions and decisions about the environment they live in or use. This means people’s environment reflects their individual preferences and culture, and supports their needs in the way they choose.
  • The service is skilled in how it obtains people’s consent for care and treatment, involving them in related decisions and assessing capacity when needed, even where disability or other impairments make this very difficult. Staff are confident about using the Mental Capacity Act 2005, and use innovative ways to make sure that people are involved in decisions about their care so that their human and legal rights are respected.