‘Safe’ characteristics

Below is a summary description of how the CQC would characterise an ‘outstanding’ service from the point of view of safety.

For a detailed description of the characteristics of an ‘outstanding’ service please click here

  • People are protected by a strong, empowering and distinctive approach to safety and a focus on openness, transparency and learning when things go wrong.
  • People are involved in decisions about their safety to the maximum possible extent and their wishes are respected. The service does so creatively and works with people and their supporters using imaginative and innovative ways to understand their wishes.
  • There is a transparent and open culture that encourages creative thinking in relation to people’s safety. The service seeks out current best practice and uses learning from this to drive improvement for all people, including those with particular protected equality characteristics.
  • Whenever possible, people are actively involved in decisions about the staff who will provide their care and support, for example in relation to recruiting or choosing the staff who will work with them.
  • Staff proactively anticipate and mitigate risks to people’s safety and feel their skills are being used effectively.
  • All staff are open and transparent, and fully committed to reporting incidents and near misses. Learning is based on a thorough analysis and investigation of things that go wrong.