Dreams of Empire

Brexit, Nationalism and Psychoanalysis

It is now less than six months to ‘B-day’ (March 2019) and opinion in the UK seems as divided as ever regarding Brexit, with many wondering whether it will ever happen at all, except in name only.   Therefore it seems an opportune time to pull together and expand upon some of the ideas that I’ve been exploring on this site regarding Brexit and its possible links to right-wing populism and nationalism.

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A Brexit psychopathology?

The first thing to point out is that the term ‘psychopathology’ is not meant in a derogatory sense, i.e. implying that those individuals who voted to leave the EU in June 2016 were somehow ‘deluded’ (and likewise for those who voted to remain).  Rather, it is to explore the possible …

Take another walk down Heaven Street

First the Brexit vote, then Trump, and now…..the real possibility of two right-wing populist mainstream European governments within a couple of months of each other.  I’m referring of course to the upcoming French elections and the ‘surprise’ British general election that Teresa May called yesterday.  ‘Surprise’ to whom, one wonders?  …

‘English’ or ‘European’? The trauma behind Brexit

Special guest posting by Sarai Allen The previous post on the subject of right-wing populism discussed and critiqued Jay Frankel’s paper that made the argument for right wing working class Americans identifying with the aggressor.  This was based on Frankel’s reading of Ferenczi’s paper on this subject.  In this post …